The Game Palacio Chronicles

Luxe Escapes: The Game Palacio Chronicles

Welcome to Game Palacio, where luxury meets leisure and every moment is an invitation to indulge. Nestled within our opulent confines lies a haven of entertainment, offering something for everyone from play to party. Immerse yourself in the thrill of our state-of-the-art bowling lanes, challenge your skills in our arcade section filled with an array of captivating games, and embark on a culinary journey at our exquisite dining establishments. Savor the flavors of Italy at VRDE, where delectable cuisine awaits, or venture into the vibrant world of Asian fusion at Kamakazi, paired with an array of handcrafted cocktails. Whether you’re seeking family fun, a night out with friends, or a sophisticated dining experience, The Game Palacio Chronicles is your destination for luxury, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. 

The game palacio bowling | arcade | dining

Step into the lap of luxury at The Game Palacio – Noida, where every moment is an exquisite experience tailored to delight. From thrilling rounds of bowling to an extensive arcade section buzzing with excitement, our venue offers a playground for all ages. But the indulgence doesn’t stop there. Treat your palate to the finest culinary creations at VRDE, our Italian culinary oasis, or embark on a flavor-packed journey at Kamakazi, our Asian-inspired haven. And as the sun sets, let our array of expertly crafted cocktails whisk you away into the night. At Game Palacio, luxury knows no bounds, and every visit is a celebration waiting to unfold.

Krystal Building – Bandra

 Bandra West, Mumbai – 400050

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